Long Arm Machine Quilting

Why Acadia Sewing?  

Because I care as much about your work as you do. I'm a professional perfectionist, who values integrity.

Formerly a copy editor at Down East magazine, and also an assistant to an architect, I thrived in these careers because of my eye for details. Now I am utilizing my skills into my own passions for

fabric & design, and sharing these services to customers. 


What does it cost? 

  •  Pricing is 0.02 per square inch for E2E computer pantograph design

  •  $40 minimum for all projects

  •  $10 per seam for sewn backing fabric panels

  •  Thread fee: $5 for Twin, Baby, Wall Hanging or other small projects. $10 for Full/Double, Queen, King

What patterns can I choose?     I have over 200 designs. Please call or email to discuss options. 

What thread colors can I choose?    Well, most anything under the sun!  Please call or email. 

Who supplies batting?     Batting provided by customer - IMPORTANT, NO WOOL BATTING. Quilter has allergies.

Critical Notes:

               •Both the Batting & Backing must be at least 4 inches longer/wider than the quilt top on all four sides.


               •Trim all excess threads from all sides of your top & backing. (Or pay $25/hr fee if Acadia does this.)


               •Check that your seams are secure. (Or pay $5/per repair needed before quilting process can begin.)


                  Please pin/staple a small note indicating the the top edge of the quilt top and the top edge of the backing.

                  Iron both your quilt top & backing fabric. (Or pay $25/hr if Acadia does this.)

What about shipping?   

                                         •  Return shipping will be based on size, weight & destination.

                                                  •   FREE local dropoff/pickup Weekdays in Camden, Maine.

                                                  •   & FREE local dropoff/pickup on Tuesdays in Belfast, Maine. 

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Acadia Sewing has set up an easy online form at the link below. Simply click that link, provide the requested information, and we will be in touch! If you have questions, please contact us here