About Acadia Sewing LLC

Where/What is Acadia?

When you hear "Acadia," most people think of Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor, Maine. But Acadia represents so much more.


It speaks of a large expanse of lands, lakes, rivers, gulf waters & islands extending from Maine's Kennebec River as the South & West points, all of the Canadian Maritimes to the East & regions of Quebec to the North.  

In the 1600s, French commoners established their new lives here — forging respect and alliances with the First Nations tribes — and became known as Acadians. 

Ancestral Ties

Acadia Sewing LLC honors my long line of French folkspeople who arrived in this colder, unfamiliar, yet beautiful region and made new beginnings in North America. Acadia Sewing also honors my female ancestors for their many hours spent sewing practical necessities and cherished items throughout their lifetimes, and who sparked in me my own passion for fabrics, patterns & design. Sewing is a tie that threads through my life as much as it did theirs. 

Who is Acadia Sewing LLC?

I'm Brooke Elle - owner and operator of Acadia Sewing LLC.  I'm a lifelong Mainer who has lived in the midcoast for nearly 25 years. I'm a wife, mother, and new business owner. Past careers include copy editing for Down East Magazine and working at an architectural firm. These careers helped hone my eye for detail and developed a high level of professional standards. Now, I am able to share my skills in my own business venture where I will be making my passion my pursuit.